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Hello! I want to speak with you. My alliances name me cranky because I like Afro-jazz. My name is Barbara. I am fifty five.

On my computer is installed Automatic Duplicate File Remover . And I permanently sort and organize African melodies .My husband said that in my age I should to hear music Classical music, because with my Automatic Duplicate File Remover I always can sort and organize music of any century and any singer. But my Automatic Duplicate File Remover is ready to sort and organize modern music. Not long ago granted my wish. I visited beautiful Africa. My iPod music player with built-in Dictaphone was with me. Africa met me hot heat and everywhere sounded music.

“My Automatic Duplicate File Remover must work very much” - thought I. Everywhere was exotic nature and flew birds with nice feathers. Africans are very comical people. They always smile and are listening MP3 music. They use Automatic Duplicate File Remover too. My Automatic Duplicate File Remover must introduce proper order in my music collection thought.

When I returned at home I told my friends about my adventures. My Automatic Duplicate File Remover sorted all my music melodies. I was happy. In the evening we heard Afro-jazz and I said: “Thank you very much, my dear Automatic Duplicate File Remover”. It is good, when my music collection is in ideal order.       

Barbara Batline from Otselic, New York 
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